Double Receiver – MDR772

Key Features

  • Two true diversity receivers in 1U rack case
  • Switchable over up to 32MHz – to order
  • MICRON Noise Reduction System for wide dynamic range
  • Excellent selectivity and sensitivity with high-signal handling
  • Monitoring by 1/4in headphone jack for each receiver
  • LED frequency displays – signal strength and audio level columns
  • Transformer XLR Mic/Line level outputs
  • Mains or 12VDC powered
  • Built in antenna splitters with two BNC Antenna input sockets
  • Matching antennas and masthead amplifiers available
  • Antenna Distribution Amplifiers available for multi-channel systems

Product Accessories

Antenna Splitter – ADA



The Micron MDR772 is a sophisticated but simple-to-operate dual-diversity receiver designed for TV studio, OB and conference venues applications. MDR772 combines two independent audio channels into a single 1U 19” rack-mount unit with each channel’s diversity receiver switchable in 25kHz steps over a range of up to 32MHz at UHF. A VHF version is also available. The frequencies may be set using the 8 character LED displays, which also give warning of low transmitter battery state. The MDR772 has twin LED column displays showing received signal strength, diversity operation and audio level for each receiver. A user-accessible pre-set squelch control is provided to allow setting of the RF mute levels if necessary. It may be powered from mains or from 12VDC via a 4-pin XLR socket. Micron Antenna Combining/Distribution or Bandmaster antenna systems can be used as a hub to build an economical multi-channel system employing number of MDR772 receiving systems in a 19in rack.

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