Antenna Splitter – ADA

Key Features

  • Mains powered 1U 19in rack format
  • Optimised gain and signal handling for multi-channel use
  • Combiner and splitter functions in one unit
  • Switchable masthead powering
  • Matching antennas and mast-head amplifiers available
  • Made to order for your exact requirements


Antenna Distribution Amplifier – ADA. An Antenna Distribution Amplifier enables a multi-channel set of diversity receivers to use signals from one pair of antennas. The performance of the ADA is key in any multi-channel system because it has to be able to amplify low received signals in the presence of high interference, without generating spurious interfering signals of its own (intermodulation). Micron ADAs meet these requirements. In situations where radio mic. coverage is needed over a larger area than normal; it is possible to use extra antennas remote from the receivers to extend the effective range. Micron ADAs are available with Antenna combiners built in, to cope with this arrangement, for up to four pairs of antennas. Due to the high signal loss in antenna cables, masthead amplifiers are required for the remote antennas, and these can also be provided. Micron ADAs are 19in rack mounting, 1U high, and are made to order, for example: ADA 214 2 amplifiers, each with 1 input and 4 outputs, to run four receivers from a pair of antennas. ADA 224 2 x 2 input 4 outputs, to run four receivers from two pairs of antennas. ADA 225 As above but with an extra pair of outputs to feed a further receiver, rack or ADA for larger sets. ACA 242 A combiner for four pairs of antennas, with two pairs of outputs, designed to feed further distribution amplifiers.

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