Tig Q28

Key Features

  • Incredible Small Size
  • Flow Through Audio
  • Variable Timecode Output Level
  • “Show” Position for current timecode
  • Frame Rate Discrepancy Indicator
  • Jamming Indicator
  • Supports All Standard Frame Rates
  • Cross Jam


Loaded with features, its tiny size fits even the smallest cameras and rigs. The variable timecode output level and “flow through audio design” adds practicality for cameras and recorders that are not designed to receive timecode. Like the Tig, the Q28 works with all standard frame rates, cross jams, has a frame rate discrepancy indicator, and a jamming indicator. It also has a feature which shows the timecode in hours and minutes. The durable chassis has an aluminum body, reinforced center support, and a battery tube that keeps the batteries secure even when dropped. Overall the Tig Q28 is unbelievably small and “just works”.