Key Features

  • A fully portable
  • 4-channel radio microphone system
  • Ideal for location use
  • Bandpass filtered amplifier with RF distribution
  • Optional Mast-Head Amplifier powering
  • Custom made
  • heavy duty throw around metal housing
  • External or internal powering
  • Standard BNC RF input connectors
  • Standard 4-pin Hirose DC input connector
  • Additional DC output connector on ADM
  • LED Battery status indicator


Designed specifically to house four MICRON SDR Small Diversity Receivers, two NP-1 batteries and an ADM antenna distribution amplifier, the complete system is self-contained. RF input, audio output and DC input connectors are located in the rear panel. Antenna signals are fed into the ADM module, which is bandpass filtered and amplified to compensate splitter losses. The ADM distributes both the RF signal and DC supply to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides of the four receivers. The internal battery is a rechargeable, NP-1 pack. Alternatively, the PQH may be powered from an external, 10 -18V DC supply via a DC socket on the rear panel. The PQH has space to hold a spare NP-1 battery as well as the four transmitters when not in use. With its detachable lid fitted, the PQH becomes a transit case for the complete kit of four wireless microphones.

Portable PQH Sales.pdf