Monitor Receiver – MR700

Key Features

  • Very small light-weight non-diversity receiver only 87mm high
  • Fatigue-free long-term monitoring
  • Switched selection from 16 Channels
  • Tricolour RF Signal strength Indicator
  • 3.5mm output jack will drive earpeices or headphones down to 8 Ohms impedance. The Volume control knob is protected against accidental movement or damage by a shield. Long battery life – 8
  • Hours approx. Tricolour battery condition indicator
  • Easy to use battery compartment
  • Power ON/OFF toggle switch
  • Compatable with Micron studio talk-back Transmitters and Explorer 100 and Micron 700 Series transmitters

Product Accessories

Belt Clip – BCLIP1
Hot Shoe Adaptor CAM-A



The Professional choice Monitor Receiver (non- diversity) with switched selection from 16 frequencies over 24MHz to order. The Monitoring Receiver brings the audio and RF performance benefits of Micron designs to production monitoring, providing stable, fatigue free listening over long periods for programme presenters, television studio personnel or location crew. The wide-bandwidth audio performance is complemented by an ultra-low noise floor, and the design is focused on achieving excellent channel selectivity and blocking capacity. This prevents interference from other RF equipment operating in close physical proximity or on a nearby frequency – for example, a presenter wearing the receiver as well as a belt-pack transmitter. Supplied with belt clip and antenna, all in a small carrying case with Instruction Manual on CD, and a Quick User Guide, listing the channel frequencies.