Key Features

  • Holds two SDR Small Diversity Receivers
  • One pair of antennas feeds both receivers via built-in band-pass filtering and signal splitters
  • Receivers powered via antenna sockets – no need for internal batteries
  • Additional RF/DC outputs allow 4-channel operations from a single pair of antennas
  • Compact and lightweight yet rugged – fits neatly onto ENG mixers
  • Conveniently placed industry standard connectors for audio output and DC input/output
  • Internal Balanced Audio Outputs
  • Single power source can drive a DDH-3 a mixer or a recorder
  • ON-OFF switch with continuous battery level monitoring


Dual Diversity Housing (DDH) was first designed in early 1990’s and has since then proved to be very popular among location sound recordist for documentaries, filming and on location recording. The DDH-3 is the third generation specialist system housing for SDR receivers, designed with the location sound recordist in mind. The DDH-3 can be used singly, as a two-channel system, or it can be cascaded to form a portable, four-channel solution; all can be powered by a single battery pack. Its small lightweight construction and conveniently placed connectors makes the DDH-3 ideal for use with a mobile mixer. External power is supplied via a 4-pin Hirose connector. Each receiver is phantom powered from an external DC source via the internal band-pass RF distribution amplifier. Antenna connections travel via mini UHF SMA connectors. Additional RF/DC outputs allow the system to be expanded to a 4-channel system, with yet another DDH3 or SDR on the same frequency band being driven from the same source. Renowned for being amongst the most natural sounding radio microphone systems available, all Micron transmitters and receivers are fitted with the unique Micron Noise Suppression system not just to maximise dynamic range, but also for transient performance and interference immunity. Freelance sound recordists as well as major broadcasters use micron systems worldwide for all wireless microphone applications.

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